Web Scanner


Powerful web scanner for windows platform
With this scanner, you will be able to search your dorks in both google and bing search engines and find websites which are vulnerable to xss and sql completely automatically and do your penetration testing exercises
You will also be able to use ready-made urls in the software and test your custom websites
Due to the team's dedicated algorithm, this software has a high speed in processing urls, and you will no longer need to worry about using high amounts of RAM and CPU
You can use this software on both PC and VM


open source
multi threading
set custom threads amount
no limitations
auto save data
custom payload support
custom useragent setting
proxy auto update support
support all types of proxies
custom dork configuration support
statistics udpating
multiple-single vulnerability checking
beautiful gui


.Net framework +4.6
internet connection access
+1gb memory
proxylist (url,file)


Life time

==> [github]

Please use a bigger device!